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The idea is based on a popular and successful Spanish format, Cuentame como pasò (in Italian ‘raccontami’, tell me), broadcast with excellent results by the Spanish TV channel TVE. The initial project was entirely re-adapted and rewritten to adapt it to Italian history. 

The result is an extended serial fiction, divided into 13 episodes each lasting 100 minutes, directed by Riccardo Donna and Tiziana Aristarco, with Massimo Ghini and Lunetta Savino as the leading actors. It was produced for Rai Uno and the first broadcast was on 10th December 2006 during prime time viewing. 

The series is set in Italy in the nineteen sixties, years marked by radical change, progress and hope, when everything seemed possible and life promised so much. These were the years when Italy, after the disappointments of the war and the onset of the economic boom, tackled the risks and uncertainties of the time, as she prepared to take on the challenge of becoming a major country. 

The changes not only reshaped the country but also affected the private lives of the characters, each one motivated by their particular interests and ambitions. All this is set to a backdrop of music,  radio and above all television, the big new entry of the time. 

The protagonists of the series are the Ferrucci family, a typical Italian family. Their vicissitudes are narrated by the off-scene voice of the youngest member of the family, Carlo, who was born in 1954, the year when Italian TV first went on air. Seen from his perspective at the time through his memories of today, the other characters tell the story: Luciano, the father, with his ambitions  and weaknesses, Elena, the mother, with her solid, matter-of-fact approach, his brother Andrea and his sister Titti, spurred on by a youthful spirit of change and rebellion, grandmother Innocenza, with her nostalgia for a past that is about to be swept away forever, and the attractive Aunt Anna, a 30-year old dreamer. Three generations are portrayed, three different worlds each with its own point of view, in a bundle of emotions, loves and conflicts. In the tradition of Rai Uno's highlights, PayperMoon thus offers the public at large an exciting, engaging story that is still inscribed on our homes and hearts, rekindling recent memories. Because it is by looking at how we used to be that we can better understand how we are today. 



Massimo Ghini

Luciano Ferrucci

Lunetta Savino

Elena Ferrucci

Mariolina De Fano

Nonna Innocenza

Giorgia Cardaci

Anna Sorrentino

Carlotta Tesconi

Titti Ferrucci

Edoardo Natoli

Andrea Ferrucci

Gianluca Grecchi

Carlo Ferrucci

Elena Faedda

Domenica Mollica

Guido Ripanti

Marco Occhipinti

Maria Palma Petruolo

Francesca Fortini

Primo Reggiani

Antonio Dentici

Mauro Meconi

Furio Fortini

Mauro Marzocca

Padre Negoziante

Giampiero Judica

Italo Monti

Francesco Foti

Pietro Passalacqua

Raffaella Rea

Maddalena Occhipinti

Cloris Brosca

Mariarosa Mollica

Andrea Bosca

Guido Albinati

Paolo Sassanelli

Ludovico Terenzi

Sacha Zacharias

Ludovico Terenzi

Giuseppina Frallonardo

Olympia Galvano

Daniela Savoca

Enrico Tavarelli

Daniela Scarlatti

Daniela Lorenzetti

Claudio Coli

Marcella Prisco

Paolo Maria Scalondro

Michele Marcocci

Anita Zagaria

Maestra Pucci

Alessandra Costanzo

Signora Dentici

Carlina Torta

Eliana Sartori

Roberto Stocchi

Romeo Fortini

Emanuele Vezzoli

Giudice Albinati

Max Giusti

Maresciallo Mollica

Ivano Marescotti

Livio Sartori

Ray Lovelock

Nonno di Marco

Luigi Burruano

Salvatore Lo Buono


Riccardo Donna

Tiziana Aristarco

Story Editor

Stefano Rulli


Gloria Malatesta

Claudia Sbarigia


Gloria Malatesta

Claudia Sbarigia

Angelo Carbone

Chiara Cremaschi

Francesco Cenni

Roan Johnson

Antonia Paolini

Michele Pellegrini


Technical Crew


Federico Schlatter

in collaboration with Bruno Di Virgilio

Film Editing

Emanuele Foglietti (A.M.C.)

Set Decoration

Leonardo Conte

Alessandra Panconi

Costume Design

Liliana Sotira

Make Up

Roberto Centanni

Hair Stylist

Claudia Bianchi


Loredana Scaramella (U.I.C.)

Original Music

Vince Tempera

Musical Publishing

Rai Trade

General Organization

Riccardo Cardarelli

Production Supervisor

Rosita Marchese

Giannandrea Pecorelli

Rai Producers

Paola Leonardi

Monica Paolini

Produced by

Paypermoon Italia for Rai Fiction