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Like an ultra-modern ‘classic’ silent film, Mammamia recounts without words the everyday ‘adventures’ of a typical family, in which we see the mother as she copes with the titanic chores of our everyday life, such as preparing breakfast, taking the children to school, going shopping, doing the housework and finding time for herself as, for instance, when she goes to gym.  

Mammamia is a series of 8-minute mini-fictions, which have given rise to a new genre and a brand new market slot in RaiDue's programme schedule. The short-comedy is silent, except for just one word - "Mamma” and has been aired by Rai Due between the end of December 2003 and april 2004. 

Angela Finocchiaro is the protagonist of the series. With her we find her two children, Nina and Niccolò (aged 8 and 5) and the youngster Micol Camalich (aged 15). Maurizio Nichetti, who returned to TV after a long absence, cut out a small role for himself as a friendly watchman who gets involved against his will in the bizarre adventures of the happy family.




Angela Finocchiaro

13 years old daughter

Minol Camalich

7 years old daughter


4 years old daughter


Security guard

Maurizio Nichetti


Fernanda Beretta


Onesto Beretta


Riccardo Peroni

Baby Sitter

Paola Lorenzoni


Osvaldo Salvi

Perfect mother

Linda Cerabolini

Buffed woman

Claudia Birilli

Clever woman from supermarket

Claudia Lawrence

Supermarket rival

Carlina Torta

Writers and Directors

Maurizio Nichetti

Nello Correale


Susanna Bacci

Maurizio Nichetti 

Nello Correale


Technical Crew


Mario Battistoni

Original Music

Andrea Zuppini

Giuseppe Rinaldi

Rita Rossi

Film Editing 

Riccardo Zicari

Set Decoration

Dajana Wujcic

Costume Design

Mary Gatto

Make Up

Francesco Paglioli

Executive Producer


Opening Theme Created by


Paypermoon Artistic Direction

Gualtiero Peirce

Produced by

Rai – Paypermoon Italia