The foolishness of the war and the power of love are told through the story of three young people, two boys and a girl, inextricably tied together on the dramatic background of the First World War. The story is based in Trieste, a city with many faces and thousands of souls: the Habsburg tradition, the winds of irredentism blowing stronger than ever, the international tensions ready to explode in the First World War. Overwhelmed by the war, Emma, sweet and strong, and daughter of a Jewish merchant, Franz, son of an Austrian military and Bruno, son of a factory worker and whose brother is an active irredentist in Trieste, will be forced to give up their youth, entering prematurely into adulthood. They will lose and find themselves, always remaining unchanged, despite their friendship is constantly strained to the limit. They will struggle to survive and to save not only the love ones, but also what they believe in.


Bruno Furian

Filippo Scicchitano

Emma Cattonar

Caterina Shulha

Franz Helfert

Alan Cappelli Goetz


Alessandro Sperduti

Davide Cattonar

Stefano Dionisi

Agnese Furian

Fiorenza Tessari

Second Lieutenant Parenzo

Massimo De Lorenzo

General Badoglio

Simone Colombari

Luigi Pasini

Alessandro Sanguigni


Roberto Chevalier

Biagio Furian

Matt Patresi

Captain Ornaghi

Jesus Emiliano Coltorti

General Capello

Luigi Petrucci

Professor Zanier

Fulvio Falzarano

Corporal Dalmasso

Edoardo Purgatori

Sergeant Ferraris

Roberto Gudese


Irene Splendorini


Riccardo Maschi

Corporal Berardi

Federico Rossi


Fabrizia Sacchi

Baron Von Helfert   

Johannes Brandrup

General Cadorna

Massimo Popolizio





Carlo Carlei


Laura Ippoliti


Laura Ippoliti

Andrea Purgatori

with the collaboration of Carlo Carlei

Technical Crew


Adriana Sabbatini (U.I.C.D)

Set Design

Sergio Tribastone    


Massimo Pisa    

Second Unit Director

Paolo Zeccara    

Assistant Director

Luca Lachin


Luigi Bonanno

Set Decoration

Carmelo Agate

General Manager

Marco Giannoni

Production Manager

Gianluca Ottone


Gianni Monciotti


Giovanni Rotondo (Rai Com Ed. Mus.)

Film Editing

Carlo Fontana (A.M.C.)


Gino Sgreva

Story editor PayperMoon Italia

Laura Fischetto

Historical Consultant

Stefano Rossi

Executive Producer

Riccardo Cardarelli

Rai Producer

Lorenza Bizzarri

Produced by

Mario Mauri Per Paypermoon Italia Srl (A.P.T.)